Ho to install in cloaking veritas ?

It’s easy to cloak!


  • access to your server (as a ftp user)
  • authorization to manage file and directory rights
  • Access to BDD (create table granted)

Download the cloaking framework :

Go to download page

Upload the framework to your web root

If you use a specific framework or CMS like magento, wordpress or prestashop, you may need to develop a plugin to easily instanciate the ICV framework.

Setup the database connexion

Go to framework/database/connect.php and update with your own information. host, database name, login, password.
This file is behind a .htaccess file so it’s secure.

Install the database

Just go to the file install.php (it will take 2 minute to initiate the database) just wait a bit…

Setup the cache refresh period

go to your system command line favorite tool and type:


as the user you add like to manage the access (it should be an apache granted one)

The add a line in this file like:

It’s a linux cron expression. this one will refresh 15 ip address each minute, it may be too fast. Try to refresh it each our for starting …

Test it !

Just go to : [your root directory]/ testCloaking.php

If all is ok it will display a list of test.

The end

Just remember to delete install.php

And don’t forget that in a bad way, cloaking can result in a strong google penality so be careful. I won’t take any responsability of search engine problem after using this framework.

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