List of amazing "ICV" features :

1 – Live Test

ICV allow you to test if google bot is crawling your website

2 – Fast checking

ICV check the bot IP in a file to prevent from a page overload time

3 – Cache automatic refreshing

While you're sleeping (or optimizing your backlinks) ICV check your known database of bot Ip to provide you with a fresh and fast list of google bot identification.

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About "ICV"

In cloaking veritas is an open source project
Everything you see here is not cloaked!

It has been developped by a magento developper https://www.410-gone.fr an SEO expert in lyon.

  • It's open source dude !

  • it include an awesome autorefreshing cache file !

  • Just RTFM ;)

  • Did i tell you that this is only the beta version ?


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